What are the advantages of the helical gear teeth?

Source:Zhejiang Ruiye Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd.Release time:2019-08-05

The tooth shape of the spiral bevel gear is an arc shape, and generally it is tapered, like an umbrella shape, hence the name spiral bevel gear.

Spiral bevel gear is a kind of transmission piece that can be driven stably and with low noise according to stable transmission ratio. It has different names in different regions, also called spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, arc bevel gear, Spiral bevel gears, etc.

The gear teeth of the helical gear are spiral teeth with curvature. When working, the tooth surfaces are gradually meshed. Therefore, the force is always a little, so the contact stress is large, the bearing capacity is inevitably poor, and since the tooth surface is curved, it cannot be The manufacturing error that is avoided will cause the inter-tooth sliding during the engagement, resulting in low transmission efficiency, fast wear and short service life, so it is not useful, and is generally only used to transmit simple motion.

Or very little power. However, due to the gradual meshing of the tooth surface during work, there is almost no impact, so it is quietly surprising when working - like a lady.